Happy New Year to All

Now that we are into a new year many of you are looking at your current home and may be considering relocating to a ‘new used’ home, a brand new home or maybe just staying put and performing some updates or remodeling. Whichever it may be, there are certainly many things to consider in your decision process, including the outdoor environment and landscaping.

With any home decision, the outdoor environment and landscaping including patios, decks, play spaces, entertainment areas, relaxation areas, outdoor lighting, irrigation and many other areas should be looked at to determine if what you are buying or sticking with meets your current and future needs and desires.

If selling your home, curb appeal is one of the most important items you will want to look at.

Attracting buyers can be challenging at times, however, if your home looks sharp from the street view you attract more people and pique their interest level before they ever get inside. There have been several real estate articles citing this fact over the years. The articles state that landscaping that is SMARTLY DESIGNED, well built, attractive and operates efficiently can add significant value to your home.

In many of these articles the experts say that good exterior development and landscaping can bring returns in excess of 120%. This is a huge positive and far outweighs other remodel and updating projects.

If you are staying in your existing home you may want to consider how well your landscape is performing and whether or not it is still meeting your needs and expectations. Over the years many landscapes become stale, overgrown, haphazardly repaired or updated and simply no longer work for you. If you are in this situation or simply want to refresh your exterior environment or even remodel it completely, having a comprehensive design created by a professional landscape designer or architect is of utmost importance.

Selecting a designer is critical as they will need to foresee underlying and hidden situations that could impact the design and costs. Finding a designer with remodel construction experience will likely provide you with a more in depth plan. Some designers may go so far as to perform some destructive exploring to ensure that what is desired in a design can actually be accomplished on site during the remodel process.

Whether a clean slate or a remodel the designers at AridScape Utah are well prepared, seasoned veterans of design and landscape construction.